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Liveblogging SES New York: Psychology of Social Commerce

Dana Todd from Performics is up first, looking lovely with purple hair again. Time to rethink the shopping experience: Regardless of the medium, people crave participation with your brand – and each other. Shows standard shopping cart experience and says “so why do we shop like this?” Human participatory behaviors: #1 and #2 things to […] Read more

Triangle AMA Digital Marketing – Keynote with Peter Shankman

Hoping to do a little live-blogging at Triangle AMA Digital Marketing Camp today. Already met some great people and I have to say, I wish I hadn’t been up early to eat breakfast with the kids, because the spread looks delicious! A few introductions to kick things off, by Brian McDonald. Of particular note, a […] Read more

Raleigh Entrepreneurs Meeting Tonight

I’m looking forward to the meetup in Cary at the Raleigh Entrepreneurs Group tonight. I’ll be speaking for the first 30 minutes on what changed in search in 2011 that as an entrepreneur, you need to know about. Here’s a link to the presentation I’ll be giving. What You Need to Know about SEO From […] Read more

Feb, 15, 2012